Latest News ११ अाैं साधारण सभावाट पारित २० प्रतिशत वोनस शेयर वितरण सम्वन्धि सूचनासूचनाकाे हक सम्वन्धी सूचनाबैंककाे ११ अाैं साधारण सभा सम्पन्न, २०प्रतिशत बाेनश शेयर दिने
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Message from CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

Our 50 YEARS of long history, deeply embedded presence in all the geographical regions of  Nepal and our commitment for stimulating for agility and anticipating ever changing customers' needs makes us proud to celebrate this Golden Jubilee with our valued customers and stakeholders. We know that we can achieve our mission only when we are able to align with the interests of our shareholders, employees and customers. We also believe that " तपाई हाम्रो घर आगनको बैंक, कृषि बिकास बैंक  " is the only bank at your doorsteps that  ponder to achieve excellence in all  the things when it comes to our customers, employees, shareholders and societies.We strive to deliver comprehensive banking solution strengthening our extensive network thus intensive and extensive banking, sustainable banking, prudential banking and banking with societal orientation are our business mottos. Therefore, we focus on building nationwide service distribution network, nurturing human resources, excelling in our services by adopting Core Banking System, introducing innovative and beneficial products, prudency in  banking  business, maintaining transparency and accountability for all  the actions, eventually, creating long term shareholders value.

We look forward to serve you for another 50 years with this robust relationship developed through the foundation of integrity, trust and ethical behaviorand with the commitment for attaining collective goals which ultimately fetch a positive impact in the country, societies and communities in which we live and work.


Lila Prakash Sitaula
Chief Executive Officer