Management Team

The day to day operation of the bank is executed by the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer is closely assisted by six Deputy General Managers (named as Chief Credit Officer, Chief Operation Officer, Chief Service Officer, Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief Finance Officer and Chief Agricultural Credit Officer) and 25 Department Heads. Moreover, Chief Executive Officer is also supported by Assets and Liabilities Management Sub-Committee, Project Management Unit, Grievance Handling & Relationship Management Unit for better internal control and business operation.

The bank has three-tier organisation structure consisting of Head office, Provincial offices (ROs) and field offices. Field offices are further categorised into five levels; Branch Office-A,Branch Office-B,Branch Office-C,Branch Office-D and Branch Office-A, depending particularly upon their volume of business. The head office is the policy making body at the top, field offices are implementing units at the bottom and ROs with monitoring and supervisory role are in between.

ADBL is also operating a Central Training Institute (CTI) at corporate level in Bode, Bhaktapur under Head Office Structure and five Province Training Centres (PTCs) with residential facilities in province levels. The CTI and PTCs conducts training and seminars particularly for enhancing abilities and skills of organizational members.

Govinda Gurung Sir.jpg

Mr. Govinda Gurung

Chief Executive Officer

Pratap Sir.jpg

Mr. Pratap Subedi

Chief Operating Officer (DGM)


Mr. Yagya Prakash Neupane

Chief Service Officer (Act. DGM)

dirgha sir dgm

Mr. Dirgha Bahadur Aryal

Chief Human Resource Officer (Act. DGM)

Prem Sir

Mr. Prem Kumar Shrestha

Chief Finance Officer (Act. DGM)

Babukaji Sir DGM

Mr. Babu Kaji Thapa

Chief Credit Officer (Act. DGM)

nirmal sir.jpg

Mr. Nirmal Prasad Upadhyay

Act. Chief Director- (Bagmati Province)