Mission, Vision & Objectives


To be a Mass-based Complete Bank serving from Urban to Rural.


To deliver comprehensive banking solution strengthening its extensive network.


  • To provide quality banking services
  • To adopt market driven strategy
  • To obtain sustained and competitive return on investment.

Corporate Conduct

In achieving its corporate objective in pursuit of its corporate mission and vision, ADBL will:

  • comply with all relevant legislation, codes of conduct and standards of good corporate citizenship in Nepal while maintaining full autonomy in the management of its operations;
  • conduct its operations in an open and transparent manner;
  • put local resources to work for local development, serving the rural community and its aspirations;
  • provide a full and balanced rage of financial products and services that satisfies the needs of the rural population of Nepal, on a profitable and sustainable basis;
  • strive consistently to provide improved products and services to its clients at reasonable cost, using modern banking, information and communication technology in the most appropriate form to its clients needs;
  • be vigorous in building reputation for professionalism, competitive pricing, reliability and quality of service and innovation;
  • operate in accordance with best banking practice, acting with financial prudence and keeping in mind the need to balance profitability with asset preservation and liquidity and to safeguard depositor's funds;
  • work together with its employees to develop their capabilities to contribute to achievement of the bank's objectives, promoting excellence, rewarding achievement and providing them the opportunity to share in the bank's success;
  • develop mutually acceptable relationship with government in the pursuit of improvement in living standards in rural areas, while respecting best financial practices;
  • ensure that its activities contribute to the environmental stability and overall improvement of living standards in Nepal; and
  • judge the bank's success against the measures that include profitability, portfolio quality in terms of minimal arrears and non-performing loans, portfolio worth, total deposits, geographic outreach and public image.