VISA Debit Card

ADBL offers its clients with VISA DEBIT CARD as an alternative of carrying cash.

Customers can easily withdraw cash at ATM machines and do transactions easily at POS outlets.


  • Withdraw cash from wide ATM network 24X7
  • Accepted as payment mode for your purchases at different merchant locations (POS Outlets)
  • Valid in Nepal and India for secured transactions
  • Convenient to get Card valid for four years
  • No charges for Cash Withdrawal at ADBL ATMs and POS Terminals
Debit Card

Fees & Charges

Issuance Charges

Card Issuance PIN
Card Issue (valid for 4 years) NPR 250/- PIN Change at ADBL ATM Free
AnnualService Charge NPR 250/- PIN Reset Free
Card Replacement/ Re-issue NPR 250/- PIN Regeneration/ Re-issue NPR 100/-
Card Link to Different Account NPR 50/- Stop Card NPR 100/-

Transaction Charges

Description ADBL ATMS Other Bank (Inc. SCT) Visa Network
Cash Withdrawal Free NPR 25/- only NPR 225/-
Balance Inquiry Free Free Free
Mini Statement Free Free Free

Transaction Limits

Cash Withdrawal Limits in ATM

Description Nepal India
Max. Limit per Withdrawal NPR 20,000.00 INR 15,000.00
Withdrawal Limit per day NPR 60,000.00 INR 15,000.00
Withdrawal Limit per month NPR 500,000.00 INR 100,000.00

POS Transaction Limits in ATM

Description Nepal India
Limit per Transaction - -
Transaction Limit per day NPR 100,000.00 INR 62,500.00
Transaction limit per month NPR 500,000.00 INR 312,500.00

Number of Transaction Limits

Description ATM POS
Number of Limit per day 10 10
Number of Limit per month - -